Non Traditional Credit Program


non traditional credit program

No credit score? No problem!


Mortgage lenders typically use credit scores as a way to determine a homebuyer’s eligibility for a home loan. However, at Waterstone Mortgage we know that if you don’t have any credit history, it doesn’t mean you aren’t financially responsible.


Our Non-Traditional Credit Program allows homebuyers without a credit history to qualify for a mortgage based on other indicators of payment history* such as:

  • Cell phone bill

  • Rent

  • Utilities

  • Insurance premiums


Non-traditional credit history can be used with the following home loan programs:


Don't let your lack of a credit score discourage you from purchasing a home. Find a Waterstone Mortgage loan professional in your area to earn more about our Non-Traditional Credit Program, today!


*Payment references should have a minimum of 12 months. This program is not intended to overcome bad or delinquent credit history.